Ongoing web page - "Campbell Family of Argyle Cottage: A Pictorial Guide." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Shows photos of George Alexander Campbell [1869-1943], Luna May (May) Jameson Campbell [1869-1940], their descendants, ancestors & cousins. Includes sketches of 13 cousins visited by Ted. Also shows VIP's, art works, books, papers & periodicals related to Campbell Park in Pentwater, Michigan. Plus buildings, maps, cemeteries, memorials, websites, historians & web pages related to family history. (Images at right show the family on Christmas 1937 & Argyle Cottage.)

Ongoing web page - "Campbell & Jameson Family History." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Displays a timeline of family history with links to full texts of important family documents. This family was created December 20, 1892, by the wedding of Canadian George Alexander Campbell [1869-1943] & American Luna May (May) Jameson [1869-1940] in Des Moines, Iowa. The family has owned Argyle Cottage in Campbell Park, Pentwater, Michigan, since 1907. US & Canadiann flags they exchanged are still afixed over the living room doors.

March 1, 1984 (date of compilation) - "Letters of Two in Love: June 20, 1889 - August 30, 1892: Luna May Jameson [and] George Alexander Campbell." Texts of 138 letters discoverd in 1977 & transcribed by Robert Alexander Campbell [1904-1986], Barrington, Illinois, 210 pages plus 2-page introduction by RAC & 4-page postscript, 8-1/2x11", privately printed & bound -- not on-line. All letters were written the summers of 1889-1892 while LMJ and GAC were students at Drake Univrsity, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Most but not all of her letters were written in Des Moines. Most of his were written in Manitoba, Canada, the summers of 1889 & 1890, and in various US locations the summers of 1891 & 1892. The original letters were willed by RAC to James Auer, Batavia, Illinois.

On-line database - "Susan & John Howell Family Trees". Database created & maintained by John S. Howell, Jr., of Naples, Florida. His & our common ancestors are Neil Campbell [1808-1880] & Flora Johnson [1818-1853]. This very sophisticated, searchable website contains more than 5,000 names, including many if not all of the names in "The Campbells from Auchindrain." Can be used to make family trees of selected individuals, etc. (Top two ladies in the photo John uses to introduce his web site are Mirrette Eunice Burk Campbell [1845-1924] & her daughter Flora Maude Campbell Stone [1872-1969].)

On-line database - "Elwood & Carter Families." Database created & maintained by Barb Elwood Tunistra of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Luna May Jameson Campbell [1969-1940] and Eva Lena Jameson Carter [1870-1936] were sisters. This website contains a lot of our common ancestors and descendants in both lines.

1870 (year of his death) - "History of Elder Dugald Sinclair [1777-1870]." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Sinclair was an itinerent Baptist minister in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, then founded Baptist Churches in Lochgilphead (Scotland) & in Poplar Hill, Lobo Township, Kent County, Ontario (Canada). He led our McLarty ancestors from Scotland to Ontario in 1831. Click here for "Dugald Sinclair: Seven Decades of Unstinting Service" by Edwin Broadus of Burlington, Ontario, 2010. | Click here for "Dugald Sinclair, Evangelist 7 Preacher."

1918 (year of publication) - "An exceptionally fine preacher" - A contemporary biography by William Thomas Moore [1832-1926] of George Alexander Campbell [1869-1943] written at age 49 just as he starts a 20-year ministry at Union Avenue Christian Church ("the church with the revolving cross") in St. Louis, Missouri. This biography was put on-line in 1998 by Rev. James L. McMillan who researched the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement at the University of Illinois in 1995-2001. Click here for an alphabetical listing of all portraits & biographical sketches first published on the web site of James L. McMillan.

1929 (year of his death) - "History of Isaac Campbell [1853-1929]." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Born on the same farm in Ontario as George Alexander Campbell [1969-1943]. First member of the Campbell family to receive an education. Moved to Manitoba & became a respected lawyer & politician. Was a role model for GAC. Click here for more information.

1940 (year of her death) - "She died into glory as the stars die into the sunrise" by George Alexander Campbell (1940), eulogy of his wife, Luna May Jameson [1869-1940], just after her death in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 10, 1940. From the Christian-Evangelist, St. Louis, Missouri.

1943 (year of his death) - "Dr. George A. Campbell passed away this evening just as the sun set in a glorious glowing sky..." by Edward Scribner Ames [1870-1958], September 1943. Eulogy of his long-time friend & ministerial colleague, George Alexander Campbell [1869-1943], just after his death in Pentwater, Michigan, on August 17, 1943. From The Scroll, paper of the Campbell Institute, Chicago, Illinois.

1963 (year of publication) - "Archibald McLarty of Argyll" by Minnie Ethel Burley [1897-1978] of Burlington, Ontario, is printed by Hanson & Edgar Ltd. in Kingston, Ontario, pp. 245, 1963. Led by Elder Dugald Sinclair [1777-1870], Archibald McLarty [1795-1884] emigrated from Lochgilphead, Scotland, to Ridgetown, Ontario, in 1831 with all members of his family. Minnie is a daughter of Mary McLarty [1862-1951] and a granddaughter of William McLarty [1831-1911]. Contains names of all known descendants (current to date of publication). Soon after publication, the plates of this book were consumed by a fire, thus precluding reprints. Document not yet digitized & put on-line. Photo shows graves of Archibald McLarty & his wife Isabel McTavish/Thompson in Ogletree Cemetery.

1970 (year of distribution) - "The Campbells from Auchindrain" by Emily Helen Campbell Price [1901-1982] of Vancouver, British Columbia, pp. 71, 1970. Annotated by Ted Lollis in London (England). Scanned & put on-line by John S. Howell, Jr., of Naples, Florida. Contains description of Auchindrain, analysis of trips to Scotland in 1925 & 1930 & many "begats" (current to date of distribution). Complete manuscript can be downloaded here in PDF format (72 mb).

1982 (year of her death) - "History of Emily Helen Campbell Price [1901-1982]." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Emily Campbell Price was born in Edmondton, Alberta, & lived in Vancouver, British Columbia. She compiled "The Campbells from Auchindrain" & other manuscripts about the history of our Campbell family (to which she was not directly related).

Static web page - "History of Auchindrain." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Now an open-air museum of rural life, Auchindrain was a communal tenancy on the estate of the Duke of Argyll in Scotland from which our Campbell ancestors descended. (Photos at right were taken by Luna May Jameson Campbell [1869-1940] in 1925 and remain to this day in her cottage in Campbell Park, Pentwater, Michigan.)

January 4, 1982 (date of completion) - "My Hannibal" by Georgia May Campbell Lollis [1901-1991]. Memories of childhood. With additions by Gladys Fawley [1897-1988]. GMCL & RAC lived in Hannibal, Missouri, from 1911 until 1918. Not yet digitized & put on-line.

October 12, 1982 (date of completion) - "Early Years in Chicago" by Georgia May Campbell Lollis [1901-1991]. Memories of childhood. With additions by Robert Alexander Campbell [1904-1987]. GMCL & RAC were born in Chicago & lived there until 1911. Not yet digitized & put on-line.

1999 (year of their deaths) - "Like the core of the family that held everything together." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Two of the oldest and most revered members of our Campbell family died eight days apart in July 1999: Cleta Hope Campbell Whitehead [1893-1999] & Mary Evalyn Campbell Auer Wulff [1912-1999]. Cleta & Mary Evalyn were the last of an entire generation -- the 39 grandchildren of Scottish immigrants Peter CAMPBELL [1819-1915] & Isabel McLARTY [1824-1917]. Cleta was #19 in birth order -- older than 20 others. Mary Evalyn was #39- - the youngest. (Photos at right were taken of Cleta on her 105th birthday, September 19, 1998, & of Mary Evalyn at her wedding to Dr. George J.L. Wulff, Jr., on April 25, 1953. Ted Lollis is in both photos, taken 45 years apart.)

Sent October 19, 1906 - "Some Facts Concerning the Murphy Family." "Copied from some family history sent to Maggie Sales, Galesburg, Illinois, by Mrs. Katherine [LUCAS] Fenton, Portland, Oregon. Typed by Barb Tuinstra, March 23, 2001." Click here for an account of the Indian attack on April 28, 1792.

About 1970 - "I suppose I should have found a ghost writer for this but we were brought up not to believe in ghosts," Eight reminiscences about the Ingels family of LaFayette, Illinois, circa 1883-1935, by Golda Pauline INGELS Osterberg [1891-1986] -- apparently written about 1970 (when Golda was 79). Compiled by Ted Lollis who received photocopies of the eight typewritten texts from Gaar Austin (Austin) INGELS of Beverton, Oregon, on April 10, 1998.

January 27, 1999 - "Jamesons in Illinois (especially Abingdon), Iowa & Other States," email posted by Ted Lollis to rootsweb JAMESON-L Archives.

2010 (year of compilation) - "Timeline 1881-1959 of Seven Disciples Ministers (Ames, Campbell, Garrison, Gates, Morrison, Willet & Young), the Origin of the Christian Century in Chicago, Illinois, & Campbell Park in Pentwater, Michigan," December 2010. Web page created by Ted Lollis.

July 31, 2012 (date of compilation) - "Descendants of Louis De Guilbert [1860-1929] & Mary Ingels [1862-1932]." Includes their two daughters actress Undena De Guibert [1881-1937] wife of Ernest August Eberlein [1876-1931] & photographer's model Davida De Guibert [1885-1947] wife of Charles Fitch Lester [1868-1938], their granddaughter Roxane Eberlein [1910-1989] mistress of Adlai Stevenson II, and their greatgrandson architect Christopher Charles Benninger husband of Aneeta Gokhale-Benninger in Pune, Maharashtra (India). Includes scenes of Eureka College in Illinois, Public Landing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, & Free Acres, a Georgist community in New Jersey. Web page compiled by Ted Lollis from photographs & various writings.


Ongoing web page - "History of Campbell Park, Pentwater, & Vicinity, Michigan." Web page created by Ted Lollis. History of Pentwater, Michigan. An historical timeline centered on the Village of Pentwater (whose settlement began in 1853) with interrelated threads, e.g. Lake Michigan, local & regional history, local landmarks, history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Campbell Park (a summer colony founded in Pentwater in 1907) & the history of some Campbell Park families.

Ongoing web page - "Photo Gallery, Pentwater, & Vicinity, Michigan." Web page created by Ted Lollis. Contains Photos Only in the following 30 sections: Campbell Park & North Beach, Garrison Park & South Beach, Village of Pentwater, Logos & Brands, Shops & Cafes, Charles Mears State Park, Forests, Maps, Village Green & Civic Band, Watertower, Houses & Condos, Pentwater Brick, Other Buildings, Boats, Postcards, Channel & Piers, Ludington, Epworth Heights & Dummy Train, Shoreline & Beaches, Winter, Monuments, Fish, Wildlife, Three Sisters, Bass Lake & Outlet, Silver Lake & Dunes, Pentwater & Other Lakes, Getting There, Many Sunsets (& One Sunrise), and Five Light Houses.

1944 (year of publication) - "Pentwater" by George Alexander Campbell (1944), 14 printed pages. Last chapter of his autobiography "Friends Are My Story." Edited by Georgia May Campbell Lollis [1901-1991]. Published posthumously by the Bethany Press, St. Louis, Missouri. History of Campbell Park. Personal impressions of Pentwater, Lake Michigan, sand dunes & the forest.

1949 (year of composition) - "They Walked on Singing Sands" by Georgia May Campbell Lollis [1901-1991], 31 typewritten pages, 1949. Lengthy paper links all who have frequented the Lake Michigan beach at Pentwater: Indians, French explorers, lumbermen, sailors & Campbell Park cottage owners. Also memories of her childhood with Gladys Fawley [1897-1988].

1957 (year of 50th anniversary) - "Campbell Park, July 15, 1907-1957," a "folio" about Campbell Park history, is compiled and distributed by Robert Alexander CAMPBELL [1904-1986] of Barrington, Illinois. First paragraph: "Campbell Park attained the age of fifty years July 15, 1957. Two of the original group of eleven are living and have only recently sold their cottages. To Dr. E. S. Ames and Geo. B. Fawley we dedicate this review of the first fifty years of Campbell Park. The founders were family men, builders, religious men, churchmen, and deeply interested in education..." Not yet digitized & put on-line.

1957 (year of 50th anniversary) - "Campbell Park Now 50 Years Old" by Robert Alexander Campbell [1904-1987], as published in The Pentwater News, Pentwater, Michigan, August 15, 1957.

1963 (year of visit) - "The Fable of Tortoise & the Hare" by Georgia May Campbell Lollis [1901-1991]. Short paper about a winter visit to Campbell Park on February 11-13, 1963. Not yet digitized & put on-line.

1970 (approximate year of work) - "The House the Campbells Built" by Georgia May Campbell Lollis [1901-1991]. Uncompleted paper about "Argyle," the Campbell Cottage in Campbell Park, Pentwater, Michigan. Not yet digitized & put on-line.

1980 (approximate year of issue) - Three Campbell Park poems from "Mom's Book" by Janet Neilson of St. Louis, Missouri (about 1980): "Walking to Tank Hill," "Lake Michigan Sunset" & "Purple Martins."

2007 (year of centennial) - "My Mother & Pentwater [1907-1991]" by Edward W. Lollis (March 2007), 5 pages in Word format. About Georgia May Campbell Lollis [1901-1991]. Written for Campbell Park Centennial, 2007. (Photos show our cottage "Argyle" & the three oldest children about 1908.)

2011 (year of relevance) - Welcome Guests of Schera & Ted (2011). Web page created by Ted Lollis.


1923 (year of tribute) - "A Tribute to 'Our Grand Old Man,'" banquet program & souvenir brochure, April 10, 1923. Justus Stearns [1845-1933] is honored on his 78th birthday by 99 "top leaders" at a lavish banquet in the Stearns Hotel in Ludington, Michigan. "Each guest received a handsomely bound brochure containing a 15-page biographic sketch of Justus Stearns" (according to the Ludington Daily News, Dec. 31, 1971). Document not yet digitized & put on-line.

1930 (year of composition) - "Dear Cousin William," full text of 6-page letter by Justus Stearns in Ludington, Michigan, to William Stearns in Fredonia, New York, March 27, 1930, in which Stearns provides much autobiographical information.

1933 (year of his death) - "Life & Legacy of Justus Stearns [1845-1933]." Web page created by Ted Lollis. One of the last timber barons, Justus Stearns of Ludington, Michigan, also invested in manufacturing and coal mining in Kentucky & Tennessee where the city of Stearns bears his name. This web page includes histories of Ludington, Michigan, & Stearns, Kentucky.

2003 (year of publication) - "Big South Fork Coal is Connected to Great Lakes Lumber" by Edward W. Lollis, Visitors Guide, Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, National Park Service, Kentucky & Tennessee, 2003, page 10.