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Selected Individuals

Story of Louis DE GUIBERT [1860-1929] & Mary INGELS De Guibert [1862-1932]

(including Undena DE GUIBERT Eberlein [1881-1937], Davida DE GUIBERT Lester [1885-1947] & Undena's descendants)

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Name, Dates & Profession
of Selected Individuals
(shown in birth order)
Birth, Death & Other Significant Events
Louis Alexander DE GUIBERT
Soldier, Miller & Farmer
BORN January 3, 1782, 1782 in France. Catholic.
"Fought in battles of Austerlitz, Nina [sic] & Wagram. Made Chevalier of the Legion of Honor."
MARRIED on date? in France to Anna Rosalie BOULIER (apparently 29 years younger), possible sister of Henry BOULIER (qv).
Settled in Partridge Township, Woodford County, Illinois, in 1833. Operated a mill on Partridge Creek.
His sword & other things from France presumably lost when De Guibert homestead burned in 1944.
DIED August 30, 1866, in Illinois. Buried in Lone Hill Cemetery, Partridge Township, Woodford County, Illinois.
Henry (Henri?) BOULIER
BORN 1814 in France. Catholic? Possible brother of Anna Rosalie BOULIER De Guibert [1811-1871].
Settled in Woodford County, Illinois, the Winter of 1837-1938.
MARRIED July 31, 1843, in Woodford Cty to Mary Josephine SAUVAGE [1825-1900] whose parents Joseph & Adelaide arrived in 1838.
Had 8 children: Alexander, Mary [Beckler], Joseph, Isabel [Fagot], Adelaide [1854-1932], Josephine [1857-1941], Victorine [1857-1918] & Anna.
Their son Alexander (Alex) BOULIER [b.1845]-shown in image-moved to Saunders County, Nebraska, in 1884 & was elected to state legislature.
DIED November 21, 1871 in Woodford County? Buried in Chillicothe City Cemetery, Chilicothe, Peoria County, Illinois.
His widow moved to Chillicothe, IL, in October 1875. She owned a 150 acre farm in Woodford Cty + a house & 2 lots in Chillicothe.
NB: Boulier (but not De Guibert) is a name in the 520-page Genealogy & Biography directory of Woodford County, IL (1889).
Mary CARVER Ingels
BORN June 17, 1831, in Bentonville, Fayette County, Indiana
At least four (0.8%)) of her 512 seventh great grandparents came to American on the Mayflower.
MARRIED February 24, 1848, in Bentonville, Indiana, to James INGELS. Had ten children. Moved from Indiana to Illinois in 1856.
Lived in LaFayette, Illinois, near LaFayette Home Nursery started by her son Irvin INGELS in 1887.
Click here for sketch by Golda INGELS Osterberg (qv).
DIED January 7, 1907, in LaFayette, Stark County, Illinois. Buried in LaFayette Cemetery.
Robert Green (Bob) INGERSOLL
Orator & political leader
BORN August 11, 1833, in Dresden, New York. Called "The Great Agnostic."
Noted for his broad range of culture & defense of agnosticism. Icon during the "Golden Age of Freethought."
Moved to Illinois in 1853 & to Peoria in 1857. Stongly influenced the nearby De Guibert family.
DIED July 21, 1899, in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.
See Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum, Council for Secular Humanism, Dresden, NY. Also see 1911 statue in Peoria, IL.
Louis Alexander DE GUIBERT
BORN November 10, 1838, in Woodford County, Illinois. Only child? Both parents born in France, so he was presumably bilingual.
Agnostic. Follower of Robert Ingersoll (who lived in nearby Peoria). Presumably rebeled against his father Catholicism.
MARRIED May 15, 1859, to Elizabeth (Lizzie) HOSHER [1843-1922] whose family was of German origin.
Had 9 children: Louis Charles (qv), Albert, Eugene, Talbot, Clarence, Guy Alexander, Sidney, Rosalie (qv) & Ernest.
Built family "Homestead" in 1889 (which burned in 1944). Click here for index of published De Guibert family obituaries.
DIED November 7, 1913, in Woodford County, Illinois. Buried in Lone Hill Cemetery, Partridge Township, Woodford County, Illinois.
Rosa Melinda (Rosey) INGELS Jameson
BORN April 30, 1849, in Wabash County, Indiana
1st of 10 SIBLINGS: Rosa Melinda, Jasper, John B., Eliza Dale, Lucy Ellen, Emma Louisa, Irvin (qv), Mary (qv), Sherman & Oliver
Attended Abingdon College, Abingdon, Illinois (which was folded into Eureka College, Eureka, Illinois, in 1885-1888
MARRIED April 13, 1867, in LaFayette, Stark County, Illinois, to Robert Bruce JAMESON.
Had four daughters: Luna May (grandmother of Ted LOLLIS, Jim AUER, et al), Eva Lena, Golda Gertrude & Pauline
Click here for sketch by Golda INGELS Osterberg (qv).
DIED February 20, 1908, in Des Moines, Iowa, at home of daughter Golda Kinney. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Des Moines, IA.
Bolton HALL
Lawyer, Author & Activist
BORN August 5, 1854, in Armagh, Ireland. Son of Rev. John HALL who became pastor of the 5th Ave. Presbyterian Church in NY City.
"Unconditional libertarian" (according to Emma Goldman). Also called "Father of the Back-to-the-Land Movement."
Admirer of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Benjamin R. Tucker, Leo Tolstoy, Herbert Spencer & Henry George.
Founded American Longshoremen's Association, Vacant Lot Gardening Association & Little Land League in New York City.
Published "A Little Land & a Living" in 1908 (with intro by William Borsodi, father of Ralph Borsodi, adviser to Bryn Gweled Homesteads).
Deeded some 68 acres of land to establish the egalitarian community Free Acres in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, in 1910.
Arrested with Ida RAUH Eastman for distributing birth control pamphlets in Union Square, New York City, on June 5, 1916.
DIED December 10, 1938, in Thomasville, Georgia (while visited on the advice of his physician).
See Bolton Hall Historical Museum in Little Landers Park, Los Angeles, California.
Benjamin Ricketson TUCKER
Anarchist & Editor
BORN April 17, 1854, in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
Proponent of American individualist anarchism, which he called "unterrified Jeffersonianism." Editor & publisher of the anarchist periodical Liberty.
In 1872 he started a sexual relationship with Victoria Woodhull [1838-1927], 16 years his senior & an advocate of free love.
In 1876 Ezra Heywood published Tucker's first ever English translation of Proudhon's classic 1840 work "What is Property?"
In 1906 he opened Tucker's Unique Book Shop in New York City – promoting "Egoism in Philosophy, Anarchism in Politics, Iconoclasm in Art."
In January 1908 a fire destroyed Tucker's uninsured printing equipment & his 30-year stock of books & pamphlets.
Tucker's employee & lover, Pearl Johnson [1879-1948] – 25 years his junior – was pregnant with their only child Oriole Tucker [1908-1974].
Six weeks after Oriole's birth in November 1908, Tucker closed both Liberty & the book shop and retired with his family to France.
In 1913 he came out of retirement for two years to contribute articles & letters to "The New Freewoman." In 1926 the family moved to Monaco.
In 1926 Vanguard Press published a selection of his writings entitled "Individual Liberty." DIED June 22, 1939 in Monaco in presence of his family.
His daughter Oriole Johnson TUCKER Riché said, "It was very discouraging to talk with Father - he always had irrefutable arguments,
he always seemed right... His attitude towards communism never changed one whit, nor about religion..."
BORN December 19, 1859, on farm 2 miles south of LaFayette, Illinois. Established LaFayette Home Nursery in 1887.
7th of 10 SIBLINGS: Rosa Melinda(qv), Jasper, John B., Eliza Dale, Lucy Ellen, Emma Louisa, Irvin, Mary (qv), Sherman & Oliver
MARRIED Eliza B. RYDER, Cora Rosella GARNER & Jessie Anna CORMACK. Widowed twice. Had 9 children.
Click here for sketch by Golda INGELS Osterberg (qv): "I never heard him swear in my life. His cuss word was...'By gravy.'"
Killed in auto accident en route to visit his sister Mary INGELS De Gilbert in Public Landing, Maryland.
DIED May 16, 1932 in Ohio. Buried in LaFayette Cemetery. Click here for obituary from Stark County News.
Charles Louis (Louie) DE GUIBERT
Lawyer & carpenter
BORN July 21, 1860, in Partridge Township, Woodford County, Illinois
1st of 9 SIBLINGS: Louis Charles, Albert, Eugene, Talbot, Clarence, Guy Alexander, Sidney, Rosalie (qv) & Ernest.
Attended Eureka College, Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois. Met Mary at Eureka College.
MARRIED July 21, 1880, in LaFayette, Illinois, to Mary INGELS. Had 2 daughters: Undena in 1881 & Davida in 1885.
Admitted to bar in Sioux City, Iowa. Had one son out of wedlock: Milton in 1895.
Lived in Sioux City, IA (1880-1897), Partridge County, IL (1897-1898), LaFayette, IL (1998-1906) & Public Landing, MD (1906-1929)
DIED September 26, 1929, in Maryland. Buried in Snow Hill, Maryland.
"The Weather Bureau & the Maryland State Weather Service lose a faithful & excellent observer."
Mary INGELS De Guibert
Housewife & artist
BORN January 26, 1862, in Illinois
8th of 10 SIBLINGS: Rosa Melinda (qv), Jasper, John B., Eliza Dale, Lucy Ellen, Emma Louisa, Irvin (qv), Mary, Sherman & Oliver
Attended Eureka College, Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois. Met Louie at Eureka College.
MARRIED July 21, 1880, in LaFayette, IL, to Charles Louis (Louis) DE GUIBERT. Had 2 daughters: Undena in 1881 & Davida in 1885.
Lived in Sioux City, IA (1880-1897), Partridge County, IL (1897-1898), LaFayette, IL. (1998-1906) & Public Landing, MD (1906-1932)
DIED December 3, 1932, in Maryland. Buried in Snow Hill, Maryland. Click here for sketch by Golda INGELS Osterberg (qv).
"Boy! was she a character. She always ate in a rocking chair. She would rock up, take a few bites, rock back & tell a funny story.
When they first got electric lights in grandmother's house, Aunt Mary turned them off and lit a lamp to take a bath.
She worked hard all her life to learn to speak French. Uncle Louis, being a Fenchman, was some help, but she never did learn."
Charles Fitch LESTER
Illustrator & Poet
BORN October 15, 1868, in Norwich, Connecticut. Graduated from Yale University in 1890.
Raised with cousin Mary Emma (Sis) Perkins of Trinity School for Black children in Athens, AL, & who frequently visited Free Acres).
Published "Nonsense Ballads" in St. Nicholas Magazine around 1908. See names of 12 illustrations & 3 stories in FictionMags Index.
Illustrated at least 10 children's books by Alice Hale Burnett in 1916-1919.
MARRIED November 27, 1920, in Snow Hill, MD, to Davida DE GUIBERT (25 years younger). No children.
Built the Little Cabin at Free Acres in 1921 (with father-in-law from Public Landing, MD). Published "Ted's Foolish Wish" in 1927.
DIED on his 70th birthday, October 15, 1938. at Free Acres, New Jersey. Click here for obituary published by Yale University.
Charles Otis CARTER
Newspaperman & Hotel Keeper
BORN March 2, 1869, on farm near Percy, Jasper County, Iowa
MARRIED April 4, 1893, to Eva Lena JAMESON at her home in Des Moines, Iowa. Had three sons. DIVORCED in 1914.
MARRIED October 31, 1917, in Denton, Maryland, to Nettie C. DEAN. No children.
Owned or ran various newspapers. Owned Colonial Hotel in Ocean City, MD. Owned Carter Hall (hotel) in Daytona Beach, FL.
DIED April 7, 1943, in Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida. Buried with his parents in Elma, Iowa.
"Not making expenses at Carter Hall. Nettie is getting to be more of a she devil every day."
Luna May JAMESON Campbell
Minister's wife & Artist
BORN April 12, 1869, on farm on Indian Creek near Galva, Illinois
1st of 4 SIBLINGS: Luna May, Eva Lena (qv), Golda Gertrude & Pauline (last 3 of whom photographed at Public Landing, MD)
Moved to Des Moines, Iowa, from Abingdon, Illinois just before attending Drake University. Met George at Drake.
MARRIED December 20, 1892, at her home in Des Moines, Iowa, to George Alexander CAMPBELL
George moved to USA from Manitoba, Canada. They lived in Hiawatha, KS, Chicago, IL, Hannibal, MO, & St. Louis, MO.
Had 5 children: Rosabelle, Jamie, Georgia May (mother of Ted LOLLIS), Robert & Mary Evalyn (mother of Jim AUER).
Co-founded Campbell Park on Lake Michigan in Pentwater, Michigan, in 1907.
Kept photo album which contains photos of Undena & Davida De Guibert & 19 photos from Public Landing, MD
DIED March 10, 1940, in St. Louis, Missouri. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.
See tribute by husband George. "She died into glory as the stars die into the sunrise."
Eva Lena JAMESON Carter
Housewife & Seamstress
BORN November 20, 1870, on farm on Indian Creek near Galva, Illinois
2nd of 4 SIBLINGS: Luna May (qv), Eva Lena, Golda Gertrude & Pauline (last 3 of whom photographed at Public Landing, MD)
Moved to Des Moines, Iowa, from Abingdon, Illinois, just before attending Drake University.
MARRIED April 4, 1893, to Charles Otis CARTER at her home in Des Moines, Iowa. DIVORCED from Otis in 1914.
Had three sons: Lowell Jameson in 1895, Elledge Houston in 1901 & Merlin Ingels in 1904 (all 3 photographed in Public Landing).
Lived in several different places (including Berlin, Maryland) before moving back to Des Moines, Iowa, & supporting herself.
DIED June 13, 1936, at home of dentist son Lowell in Elma, Iowa. Buried in Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa.
Ernest August EBERLEIN
Artist & Lithographer
BORN June 30, 1876, on farm near Hamilton, Ohio. German origin (Bravaria?). Son of John Eberlein, a manufacturer of safes.
Worked for father's company & learned art by painting designs on safes. Won art scholarship to Paris, but mother said he too young to go.
Met Undena at Straight Edge in New York City in 1903. (Charged by Straight Edge president Wilbur F. Copeland for assault in 1905.)
MARRIED May 30, 1904, in New York City to Undena DE GUIBERT. Father of four daughters (qv). Had studio in New York City.
"Moving pictures displayed lithographs & he made a mint of money, but that changed with photographs. To be broke in NY isn't funny."
Survived the suspicious fire which destroyed Upton Sinclair's Helicon Hall in Englewood, New Jersey, on March 9, 1907.
Moved to Free Acres Community in Berkeley Heights, NJ, in 1919. SEPARATED from Undena in 1930. Painted in California before his death.
DIED January 27, 1931, alone in the Little Cabin, Free Acres, New Jersey.
Farmer & Tavern Keeper
BORN 1878? in Woodford County, Illinois
MARRIED to Davida (Dove) DE GUIBERT in 1910 in Illinois. Marriage lasted just a few days.
MARRIED to Rosalie DE GUIBERT in 1913 in Illinois. No children?
Inherited De Guibert homestead in Partridge Township, Illinois. It burned in 1944.
"Built a track west of the house across the road, where the farmers raced their horses & probably did a little wagering on the side."
DIED when?
Rosalie DE GUIBERT Eiben
BORN January 13, 1878, in Illinois
8th of 9 SIBLINGS: Louis Charles (qv), Albert, Eugene, Talbot, Clarence, Guy Alexander, Sidney, Rosalie & Ernest.
Palled at Eureka College with her niece Undena DE GUIBERT (only 3 years younger).
MARRIED to John EIBEN in 1913 in Illinois (3 years after his brief marriage to Davida DE GUIBERT). No children?
Inherited De Guibert homestead in Partridge Township, Illinois. It burned in 1944.
DIED January 19, 1947, in Illinois
Upton Beall SINCLAIR, Jr.
"Muckraker" & California politician
BORN September 20, 1878, in Baltimore, Maryland. Wrote close to 100 books in many genres, including "The Jungle" in 1906.
Established Helicon Home Colony (Helicon Hall) in Englewood, NJ, in October 1906 (involving 75 adults & children).
"You ate dinner between a Socialist & a Single Tax man or beside a young writer or artist getting ready to startle the world."
Survived the suspicious fire which destroyed Helicon Hall on March 9, 1907. Ran for governor of California in 1934.
DIED November 25, 1968, in Bound Brook, New Jersey. Buried in Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC.
Undena LaVergne Elizabeth (Un)

Actress & Teacher
BORN November 25, 1881, in Sioux City, Iowa. Attended Eureka College, Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois
Went to New York City to study acting in 1903. Met Ernest at Straight Edge ("like Roycrofter only they cook healthy things").
MARRIED May 30, 1904, in New York City to Ernest August EBERLEIN (qv). Had four daughters (qv).
Was performing with May Tully vaudeville troup in San Francisco & thus missed Helicon Hall fire in 1907. Moved to Free Acres in 1919.
SEPARATED from Ernest in 1930. Made presentaion about her life at Free Acres in Summer 1933 (p.249).
DIED January 8, 1937, in Philadelphia General Hospital. Click here for biography on Eureka College website.
Wilbur Kelsey THOMAS
Pacifist & Executive Director
BORN 1882 in Indiana. Quaker. Graduated from Friends University in 1904. Graduated from Yale Divinity School in 1907. DIED 1953.
Received PhD from Boston University in 1914. Dissertation = "The Social Service of Quakerism."
Directed relief work in France & Belgium during World War I, as well as in Germany, Austria & Russia in the immediate postwar period.
First multi-year Executive Secretary of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) 1918-1929, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Asked churches in April 1922 to affirm "both in creed & practice that enduring Peace can only be secured by adherence to teachings of Jesus."
First Director of Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation (CSMF) in Philadelphia, 1930-1946. Boss of Roxane EBERLEIN, 1931-1937.
"I want to get out of the peace movement. Too much of it is just talking." - Roxane, Aug. 10, 1938, just before moving to Switzerland.
Davida Rose Gwendolyn (Dove)
DE GUIBERT Eiben Lester

Artist's model
BORN September 6, 1885. "A raving beauty" (according to Golda INGELS Osterberg). Attended Eureka College in Eureka, IL.
Survived the suspicious fire which destroyed Upton Sinclair's Helicon Hall in Englewood, New Jersey, on March 9, 1907.
MARRIED 1910 in Illinois to John EIBEN. Marriage lasted just a few days.
MARRIED November 27, 1920, in Snow Hill, Maryland, to illustrator Charles Fitch LESTER (qv). No children.
Painted by Kenneth Frazier [1867-1949], Harrison Fisher [1875-1934] & other famous artists.
Built the Little Cabin at Free Acres Community, New Jersey, in 1921.
DIED in 1947 after being a widow for 9 years.
Anarchist & publisher
BORN December 11, 1888, in Botosani, Rumania. Emigrated to USA in 1909 & settled in New York City.
As an anarchist, an orginal member of the Ferrer Colony in Stelton, NJ, in 1915 & helped print the Colony's magazine "The Modern School."
A year later he published Oscar Wilde's poem "The Ballad of Reading Gaol." Founded the Oriole Press in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.
Mentor of Alan RUNFELDT (Excelsior Press, Frenchtown, NJ). Gave stove to Betty EBERLEIN & Eddie BROWN (Free Acres, NJ).
Among those who appeared in the pages of an Oriole Press book are such well-known radicals as Emma Goldman, Benjamin Tucker (qv),
Havelock Ellis & Theodore Schroeder. The author whose work appeared most frequently was Ishill's wife, the poet Rose Florence Freeman.
Published "Free Vistas: An Anthology of Life & Letters," Oriole Press, 1933. DIED in 1966 in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.
Ada INGELS Rhudie
BORN October 1, 1888, in Stark County, Illinois
MARRIED August 17, 1918, in Manila, Philippines, to engineer Oscar Peter (Pete) RHUDIE. No children.
Interned with him during World War II by Japanese army in Santo Tomas Camp
Returned to USA & lived in Galva, Illinois (where Pete ran a water heater factory)
DIED December 12, 1993, in Colorado? after being a widow for 41 years
Golda Pauline INGELS Osterberg
BORN February 26, 1891, 1/4 mile north of LaFayette, Stark County, Illinois
Had 5 siblings & 3 half siblings (father had 3 wives).
MARRIED June 12, 1912, in LaFayette, Illinois, (at home in bay window) to Jesse R. (Jess) OSTERBERG.
Lived in Riverside, Cook County, Illinois. Had one child (Ada Lee) in 1916.
Wrote series of sketches about 1970 about her father Irwin, aunt Mary De Guibert & other Ingels family members.
DIED June 18, 1986
Louis Milton DE GUIBERT
Salesman & Army Veteran
BORN February 5, 1895, in Iowa? Illegitimate son of Louis DE GUIBERT
Moved with Mary & Louis DE GUIBERT to Public Landing, MD. Attended school in Berlin after moving to Maryland.
Served in 168th Infantry Regiment (Rainbow Division) in France during World War I. Wounded at Château-Thierry in 1918.
MARRIED in Iowa to Gladys HADDEN. Visited Free Acres with Gladys in April 1921. Employed by General Cigar Company.
DIED October 11, 1921, age 26, two miles north of Pisgah, Iowa in car accident while driving alone
"His Dodge roadster was seen to disappear in a cloud of dust & settle in the ditch. He was almost instantly killed."
Undena Lisbeth (Betty)

BORN March 14, 1905, in New York City. 1st of 4 Eberlein sisters.
Carried by suffragist mother to mock election of Harlem Equal Rights League on November 7, 1905.
Survived the suspicious fire which destroyed Upton Sinclair's Helicon Hall in Englewood, New Jersey, on March 9, 1907.
MARRIED in 1931 to Edmund Livingston (Eddy) BROWN. No children. Lived in the Little Cabin in Free Acres Community, NJ, 1943-1982.
(Eddy walked to distant post office for mail & slowly collected family letters in the Little Cabin.)
DIED September 1982 in Maryland (after car accident). See "For Betty" memorial poem by Laurel Hessing.
"She did not hear well, had limited sight, but she knew what was just & what was right."
Margot ASCHER Sawady
Physical Therapist
BORN December 6, 1906, in Berlin (Germany). Family name Asohor.
4th of 7 SIBLINGS: Manfred, Gerhard, Julius Peter, Margot, Heinz Theoder, Gerda Dorothea & Irma Ellen
Met Roxane EBERLEIN in Berlin in 1930 during Roxane's postgraduatre summer in Germany
Escaped to USA from Nazi Germany with Roxane's help. MARRIED Herman SAWADY.
Oriole Johnson TUICKER Riché
BORN November 9, 1908, in NY City. Only child of anarchist Benjamin Ricketson TUCKER [1854-1939] & poet Pearl Johnson [1879-1948].
"My parents...never married. Yet they were the most monogamistic couple I ever saw, absolutely devoted to each other until the end."
Named after Oriole Emerson LLOYD [1897-1920], daughter of anarchist John William LLOYD [1857-1940]. Taken to France when 6 weeks old.
Family lived in Le Vésinet nr St. Germain but moved to Nice during WW-I & Monaco in 1926. She became secretary to Willy Blum (Leon's brother).
In April 1939 visited by Roxane EBERLEIN in Monaco. Father died 22 June 1939. Moved to USA with her mother in Fall 1939.
Married Jean Riché, a French chef & had two daughters. Moved to Ossining, New York, in 1948. Taught French at Dobbs Ferry Middle School.
Her house stood on site of Stillwater colony, a short-lived School of Living community founded by Ralph BORSODI [1886-1977] in 1939.
Across the road lived Beatrice SCHUMM Fetz,
daughter of Benjamin Tucker's long-time associates George SCHUMM [1856-1941] & Emma HELLER Schumm [1856-1940].
At foot of the hill stood house of Margaret NOYES Goldsmith, a granddaughter of John Humphrey NOYES [1811-1886] who coined "free love."
Photos show her with her parents & with anarchist Laurance LABADIE [1898-1975] who purchased Ralph Borsodi's "Dogwoods" in 1950.
DIED in July 1974 in Ossining, Westchester County, NY. Buried with her mother in Granville Center Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
Edna KROLL Heerhartz
BORN November 28, 1908, in Germany.
Met Roxane at Carl Schurtz Foundation & Oberlander Trust in Philadelphia, PA
Returned to Germany about 1933 (relatives remained in Seattle)
MARRIED U-boat officer Hans HEERHARTZ [1901-1982]. Had children.
Lived in Kiel, etc. (p.240 p.242). Wrote frequently to Roxane during Nazi period
Apparently moved to Seattle after World War II
DIED August 11, 2006, in or near Seattle, Washington
Siglinde RüHL
BORN on date? in Germany.
Friend of Hugh Graham & Roxane Eberlein at Hedgerow Theater in Rose Valley, PA
Travelled to Smoky Mountains & US West. Wrote Roxane from Asheville, Port Angeles, etc.
Wrote "There are no human people in Germany any more" after visit to Germany in 1939 (p.281)
Undena Roxane (Roxy) EBERLEIN
Secretary & Researcher
BORN April 16, 1910. 2nd of 4 Eberlein sisters.
Resided in Free Acres, NJ, Philadelphia, Geneva & Bern (Switzerland), Chicago & Arlington, Virginia
Majored in German at Mount Holyoke College 1926-1930. Studied at London School of Economics after WW-II.
Sailed on MV St. Louis to spend summer of 1930 in Germany. Met Ascher family & others.
Worked as secretary to Quaker Wilbur K. Thomas [1882-1953] at Carl Schurz Foundation in Philadelphia, PA
Had love affairs with Free Acres resident Donald MOORE (who married Ella MURDOCK) & Hedgerow actor Hugh GRAHAM.
Attended London School of Economics in 1947-1948. Never married.
Worked for attorney Newton N. MINOW in Chicago before he became chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.
Lived with presidential candidate Adlai STEVENSON at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel while he was US Ambassador to United Nations.
RETIRED from State Department in 1982. Injured during trip to Maryland in 1982 (x-ray revealed cancer).
DIED May 2, 1989, in Washington, DC? Ashes spread in Free Acres. See "Cabin in the Woods" memorial poem by Laurel Hessing.
"When the little light burned, it meant Roxane returned. I knew next day we'd take a walk. Before I went to work we'd talk."
Rosalle Jane (Janey)
EBERLEIN Wright Hall

Actress & Artist
BORN December 20, 1911. 3rd of 4 Eberlein sisters. Graduated from Oberlin College in 1935.
"Taught in Evanston for a while." Studied acting in New York City. Lived at Free Acres Community, New Jersey.
MARRIED Warren WRIGHT. Married Thomas HALL. No children. Worked with Japanese internees in California.
DIED August 23, 1982, in Maryland (car accident). See "For Jane" memorial poem by Laurel Hessing.
"Just keep some buttercups next spring near the sycamore tree. Dear friends, leave some buttercups & remember me."
Minerva Ernestine (Gretchen)
EBERLEIN Benninger Bauer

BORN June 12, 1916, in New York City. 4th of 4 Eberlein sisters. Attended University of Iowa. Met Larry at University of Iowa.
MARRIED June 15, 1937, to Lawrence (Larry) BENNINGER. Had one daughter in 1941 in Oklahoma & one son in 1942 in Ohio.
Moved to Gainesville, Florida, in 1953 (where Larry was professor at University of Florida).
Belonged to Baha'i Community, League of Women Voters, Friends of the Library, Jane Austen Soc. & Univ. Women's Club.
MARRIED fnu BAUER in her 80's. Provided family information to Laurel Hessing in Free Acres, NJ.
DIED in July 2003 in Gainesville, Florida. Click here for obituary from Gainesville Sun.
Harry C. (HC) & Ruth BRADFORD
b.1919 & 1921
Navy Veteran
BORN 1919 & 1921. Lifelong residents of Public Landing, Maryland. Live just south of Mansion House B&B
Knew Mary & Louis De Guibert. Remember hurricane of 1933. Remember when the De Guibert house burned in 1973.
Received Eberlein sisters Betty, Roxane & Jane when they visited Public Landing in August 1982
Received Sylvia & Don Heerens & Yvonne & Nick Kleinberg from Free Acres, NJ, in 1995
Received Jim & C.J. Auer from Batavia, Illinois, on November 4, 2012
"Said Mary & Louis DE GUIBERT were known as the Diggleberries. Ruth still giggled as she referred to them as such!"
Laurel FIELD Hessing
Poet & Playwright
BORN 1936 in New York City? Sister of Crystal FIELD, executive director of the Theater for the New City (TNC) in New York City.
Long-time resident of Free Acres Community in Berkeley Heights, NJ. (Has sequoia tree in her yard.)
MARRIED to Sigmar (Shlomo) HESSING (now president of The Walnut Advisory Corporation).
Mother of Ariel HESSING, Ilena HESSING Ginsburg & Rachel HESSING Wintemberg.
Compiled four-part "Annotated Anthology of Free Acres Writing" in 1992.
Published "Treasures of the Little Cabin, A Free Acres Cabin tells the Story of Those who Loved it and Sought its Shelter" in 1999
Wrote musical "Sketching Utopia" based on De Guiberts at Helicon Hall & Free Acres. Directed by Crystal FIELD in NY City in 2001.
Wrote musical "The Further Adventures of Uncle Wiggily: Windblown Visitors." Produced in NY City 2008.
Edward W. (Ted) LOLLIS
Foreign Service Officer
BORN July 15, 1937, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. Maintains Peace Monuments Around the World.
Grandson of Luna May JAMESON Campbell [1969-1940]. Great grandson of Rosa Melinda INGELS Jameson [1849-1908].
Lifelong summer resident of Campbell Park on Lake Michigan in Pentwater, Michigan.
Member of Byrn Gweled Homesteads in Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1999-2002.
Has May's photo album which contains photos of Undena & Davida De Guibert & 19 photos from Public Landing, MD
Started these De Guibert web pages in July 2012: Selected Individuals (this page), Timeline & Sources & Photos & Documents
Sylvia IRSCHLINGER Heerens
BORN 1941 in Germany
MARRIED to Don HEERENS. Resident of Free Acres Community in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Visited Public Landing, Maryland, in 1995 with husband Don & Yvonne & Nick Kleinberg
Co-edited "Treasures of the Little Cabin, A Free Acres Cabin tells the Story of Those who Loved it and Sought its Shelter" in 1999
Wrote lead article in "Free Acres Review: 90th Anniversary Edition" in 2000
Visited Nepal in October 2012
Judith (Judy) BENNINGER Brown
Activst & Lawyer
BORN 1941 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Active in civil rights protests at University of Florida
MARRIED Julian BROWN (staff member of Southern Christian Leadership Conference). No children. Divorced from him.
Active in women's liberation movement
Wrote "Toward a Female Liberation Movement" with Beverly Jones in July 1968. "That started it if anything written started it."
DIED 1993 in Gainesville, Florida, prematurly (& within one month of her father). Click here for obituary from Gainesville Sun.
Christopher Charles (Chris) BENNINGER
Architect & Professor
BORN November 1942 in hospital near Hamilton, Ohio (coincidentally on former farm where his Eberlein grandfather was born)
Professor at Harvard University. Now practices architecture in Pune (India) & Thimphu (Bhutan).
MARRIED Aneta GOKHALE in India. Had one son (Siddartha). Lives in Pune (India).
Published "Letters To A Young Architect" in 2011
James (Jim) AUER
BORN July 5, 1943, in Moline, Illinois. Lives in Batavia, Illinois
Grandson of Luna May JAMESON Campbell [1969-1940]. Great grandson of Rosa Melinda INGELS Jameson [1849-1908].
Lifelong summer resident of Campbell Park on Lake Michigan in Pentwater, Michigan.
Obtained documents at Worcester County Library in Snow Hill, Maryland, on November 3, 2012.
Visited graves of Mary & Louis DE GUIBERT in Snow Hill, Maryland, on November 3, 2012. Click here for photos..
Visited Harry C. (HC) & Ruth BRADFORD in Public Landing, MD, on November 4, 2012. Saw De Guibert steps & bungalow.
Lawrence (Siddartha) BENNINGER
Project Planner
BORN 1982 in India?
Lives in Pune, India. Visited Free Acres, NJ, in July 1998
BA in economics from Fergusson College, Pune, in 2003
Works at Centre for Development Studies & Activities (CDSA), Pune, India
Engaged on June 20, 2012.